Our leggings are buttery soft and high waisted! They have been tested in both HIIT and spin classes and the consensus is clear, these leggings are fabulous! The second you begin to sweat, these leggings stick and stay put. Flattering on all body types and shapes, you won't regret adding these to your closet! Three colours available: Plum, Navy and Black and come in sizes extra small to extra large. Fits true to size.


See below to compare height and measurements to images.


Jaylynn - (small bra)(extra small leggings)(height 5 foot 6)(bust: 31, Hips: 36)


Jessica Pichula - (XL bra)(M legging)(height 5 foot 2)(bust:36, Hips 37.5)


Heather - (XL bra)(L legging)(5 foot 7)(bust: 39, hips 44)


Alex - (L bra)(medium legging)(5 foot 7)(bust 38, hips 40)

S2DIO Leggings - Plum