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Hey, new rider!

Did you know your first ride at the S2DIO is FREE

Meet us at the S2DIO

  1. Arrive 15 min in advance so you have lots of time to get clipped into your bike and nervous pee if that's your thing. 

  2. Check in at the front desk, where you'll be given your shoes, and directed where to go next. Bring a lock, if you'd like to lock anything up.

  3. When you're ready, go in and find your bike. They're numbered on the bottom.

  4. When you've got your shoes on, the instructor will come help you clip in and adjust your bike. Don't worry - they'll know that you're new

  5. Get ready to sweat! And as Dez reminds us:

We didn't come to half-ass this...

We came to use our whole ass.

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