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Hey Team! I'm Dez, the creator, owner and operator of The S2DIO! I have been teaching spin for close to a decade and have owned The S2DIO since 2018. I am a certified group fitness leader and a certified personal trainer. My true passion is unlocking people's potentials and showing them that they're stronger than they think.

I teach all classes on our schedule and love to mix things up so you never know what to expect, besides sheer insanity no matter what!

The S2DIO is the safest space to come grow and try something new. Come sweat with my team and I and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into together!



Hey there! My name is Lauren (LA-ren)! I am one of the newest instructors and faces around The S2DIO. I may be new to Prince Albert and instructing, but spin has been apart of my life since 2018.

I truly fell in love with spin following the pandemic and have never looked back! Combining the powerful atmosphere while getting an amazing workout in, is the best of feeling in the world!

I have always been active in my life. When I am not busy spinnin', I enjoy playing basketball, softball and golf! I am always on the hunt to find new activities to try out!

The S2DIO family welcomed me with open arms the moment I walked through the door and I could not be more thrilled to lead and welcome you in this space!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the bike!!!



"I'm Alex! I've been with the S2DIO now for almost a year, and teaching spin going on my 6th year. Being apart of the S2DIO is like nothing I have experienced before. It's uplifting, it's supportive, it's crazy fun, and down right the best place to sweat it out or just to hang out.

I am a social worker at the hospital for a day job, and a full time mom to a little boy and girl. I've had a passion for fitness from a young age always being involved in sports up until I got into teaching on the bike.

I've had the privilege growing up with a fitness fanatic mother that has paved the way for me to want to be the best role model for my family and everyone around, because who doesn't love to feel stronger and healthier!? 

The S2DIO has become my family, and it will for sure become yours! See you on the bike ❤️



Hey!! My name is Jessica Pichula (mostly just Pichula around the shop!) and you will find me at The S2DIO most early mornings! A little secret (that is not such a secret) early mornings are my absolute favourite!


I am a mom and a daycare owner so I know how busy life can get. I am all about carving out specific time in the day for you to feel strong, empowered and unstoppable while we dance on those bikes!


My goal for each class is for YOU to feel proud of the work you are putting in as you progress towards your goals. Let's get in and get sweaty before the sun comes up!


Hey!! I’m Jess aka Nicholson!! I've been a leader here at the S2DIO since 2019. When I’m not teaching I’m a mother to a beautiful little girl, who loves to spend time outside taking our dog out for lots of walks! 

 Before I began instructing, I was looking for a change and the S2DIO was the answer! It immediately got me out of my comfort zone and since then, I have been hooked! 

I am definitely a sucker for a good remix of the classic jams we all know and love! You can find me riding to everything from rap, rock and even country! I promise to challenge you and make you feel accomplished by the cool down!

Fitness has been a huge part of my life whether it’s playing sports, working out or coming to spin. Since losing over 100lbs I’m hoping to inspire people that you can do anything you set your mind to!! I am Super excited to be apart of the S2DIO community, and meet all of you!



I grew up in Moose Jaw, SK, always involved in team activities and any sport I could fit in my busy schedule. I found a passion and drive for fitness that continues to push me. Along with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and exercise science I am certified Personal Trainer, certified Health Coach, and have continued my education through various specialist programs in seniors’ fitness, orthopedic prehab, youth fitness, sports conditioning, functional movement, and pre/post-natal fitness. Out of the S2DIO, I am a certified Recreational Therapist working with youth mental health in a high school setting, and off the bike you can catch me either eating breakfast for supper, or playing outside with my husband Kyle, our daughter and our doggo Captain.


I’ve lived and taught spin in three different provinces, but there’s something about those Sask riders that blows me away! What motivates me to jump on that bike is the energy in that room within those four walls. I want riders to realize their potential, tapping into their strength and power while we move as a team to the beat of the music. You can do anything you set your mind to; the bike is the perfect place to start!


Hey everyone! I’m Jessica Anderson and I've been a leader with The S2DIO for two years now and have loved every second of it!


I’ve always had fitness in my life, whether it be running races, lifting weights or my new hobby, racing triathlons. Spin has been my main passion for the past five years and when I am not at the shop, you can find me out in the wilderness. I LOVE camping and hiking in the summers and snowshoeing and skiing in the winters; of course, bringing my daughter Prairie along for my outdoor adventures!

This community is one of a kind. Becoming a spin instructor has helped me push myself past all the limits I had set for myself. Hop on a bike and let me help you take it to the next level!!!




Hey guys! My name is Jaylynn Parenteau. I am many things... a wife, a mother of two beautiful little girls, a dental therapist, a hairdresser, a fitness enthusiast and a spin fanatic!


Let’s be honest here, I spent years thinking that spin wasn’t for me, I thought it was kinda boring... UNTIL I walked into what would become the first S2DIO location and saw what spin really was. It was love at first sight!


I gave my heart, my soul and the skin off my ass and put it into training to be a spin instructor. I’ve spent the last several years shredding my classes with weights, telling silly stories, and giving every bit of myself to spread spin joy and make my riders feel as blessed and happy as I am to be part of the S2DIO family!


Come ride with me or hit the floor to blast those muscles and build a stronger version of yourself! You'll only regret it for a moment but when the class is over you'll feel proud of yourself, full of adrenaline and elated that you, yes YOU, can do anything that you put your mind to!


Hey Hey! My name is Sherri Morrison and  I am originally from S’toon but PA has been my home for almost 20 years now. I am married with 3 amazing boys, and a couple fur babies.  I have been a Paramedic for 24 years and am still in love with my job! Now, a new challenge, Spin instructor!!

 I was introduced to spin in the spring of 2019 and was blown away. First with how challenging it was, second with how much I fell in love with it; dark room, colourful lights, someone yelling and motivating me to push past my limits and when that sweat pours, WOW!! Add in all the other diverse classes, power, strength, core, nutrition. WOW! full body and mind health!!

The S2DIO is such a welcoming, safe space. For all fitness levels!! I invite you to come join me and rock it out in the bikes! Sweat, laugh, cry, we’re in it together!!



Haaaaay! My name is Stephanie (Hay)! I became a S2DIO leader November 2020 and there are days i still can't believe this is where life brought me.

Exercise has always been a struggle in my life. I was the girl who paid for a gym membership but never used it. I found spin in March 2019 and was addicted from that first moment I clipped in. I found myself sitting at home bored and looking to see if there were open bikes on a Saturday afternoon. I kept thinking "who is this girl?". 

I lost my mom to Ovarian Cancer in September 2018 and the S2DIO quickly became my safe haven to grieve, grow, and discover who I am. I have learned so much about myself from coming and sweating with this crazy spin family. Spin is more than exercise... it is freedom, discovery, and a whole lot of fun! I am so excited to share these moments of growth with you on the bike!

Some fun facts about me:
- latin, dancehall, hip hop, and Afro-beat music is my fav (so you can expect to hear that in my classes)
- my legal first name is not Stephanie
- I have a healthy addiction to popcorn and gummy candies
- I'm an only child
- Crafting is my therapy
- I've travelled to 20 countries 

Can't wait to dance on that bike together!



I'm Claudine, but here at the S2DIO, everyone calls me Dizzle! I am a Registered Massage Therapist, and being active has always been a huge part of my life. When the opportunity arose to combine my passion for physical well-being and helping others stay active, I jumped at the chance to become a S2DIO leader!

My journey as a spin instructor has been one of my most challenging and rewarding accomplishments. This community is one of a kind and has impacted my life in the most wonderful ways. It pushed me out of my comfort zone as I left my fears behind and I’m so fortunate to have the support it offers. If you give it a try, I know you’ll love it! 

When you clip in with me, you’re encouraged to unlock your full potential while jamming out to fun-filled, powerhouse electronic dance tunes I’ve curated to motivate and energize you. I look forward to joining you as you enter this community filled with inspiration, growth and challenge. Let the fun begin as you become the most powerful version of yourself!



Hey All! I’m Heather Mackie! 

I was born and raised right here in Prince Albert!  I have been a dancer all my life which kept me pretty active growing up! I was never really into other forms of fitness and struggled to find fitness activities I could actually stick with and really enjoyed.

I was very excited when the S2DIO opened up here in PA, something different I had never tried before! I walked into my first class feeling SO nervous, not knowing what to expect. After the warm up I knew I was hooked! The music, the lights, the movements and the CRAZY positive energy was absolutely incredible!

When I heard about instructor auditions I was pretty hesitant at first, but I went for it! I am so excited to be apart of the S2DIO family! Such a positive and empowering team!! 
Outside of spin I am a Substitute Teacher with Sask Rivers School Division and I am also a Dance Instructor/Barre Instructor at Ballet N All That Jazz Dance Studio! 


Can’t wait to see you all on the bike!!

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