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Who We Are

Our Commitment

We provide an epic, supportive community that promotes health and wellness for the mind and body. The environment at the S2DIO is safe and comfortable so you can challenge yourself mentally and physically.

Our leaders are passionate about their work and committed to helping you set and crush your goals. Basically, we’re here to build each other up and grow as a team.

Our Values

Here at the S2DIO, we believe in:


  • Acceptance and compassion: Everyone that shares our drive and excitement for positive change is welcome. There’s no cool table here. We all build each other up.  

  • Passion and fun: We strive to improve the community by creating an alternative to the harsh and repetitive experience of other fitness centres. Work hard, play hard, that's what they say right?


  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable by building long-term goals for ourselves and the community. We learn from our mistakes. Just like you, we’re here to grow. 


  • Integrity: At the S2DIO, we’re in the business of helping you. Truth. 


Our Vision

Prince Albert is growing and we want to be a great neighbour, getting involved with our energy and optimism!

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