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Our warm up's are designed to get your blood pumping and that heart rate up. It is where you will get a taste of whats coming and a chance to get your mind ready to work! You will get those feet working to the beat of the music and start feeling those muscles engaging.


Our climbs will be heavy and hard. They designed to get you working on the push-pull of those pedals and get those booty's and hamstrings engaged! Use your body weight to your advantage to drive those feet down. The bass is up on these bad boys so get ready to hit that beat!


Have you ever climbed a flight of stairs and felt that burn in the legs and glutes? Well that's what we're going for here! We are going to get that core mega engaged, those legs burning and that sweat pouring! 


These fast faced tracks are guaranteed to jack up that heart rate and really get the blood going! You're sure to have your sweat on when the sprint tracks arrive! Long or short, Tabata or jumps you better be ready because these are all about your speed!


Yup, you totally read that right! We have an entire track dedicated to that upper body! NO, we do NOT get off the bike! Those legs are still spinning and moving while we engage the bis and tris, shoulders, chest, back and core. We go lightweight and LOT'S of reps! I will say it one more time; this is a total body workout!


We are going to play with that resistance here. The pressure in those legs is going to build and build, and don't even get me started on that booty burn! These speed climbs are higher resistance with a faster pace! We're going to isolate the legs the entire time and really get them fired up!


Designed with you in mind, this is your track, your opportunity to reset your body and get your head in the game. If you came to class with some stress or baggage, this is your chance to let that all go. You're almost done, it's time to finish strong and push through. Do NOT give up now, your so dang close to the end!


If you're looking to push your limits, this is your track. Going harder and stronger, faster and longer, we are sure the love-hate relationship will show. We are staying in the seat and bringing the power through the entire leg; driving hard from the hip right down to the heel. That gear is mega high, and those legs are pushing through those pedals like nothing can stop you. Everything is fully engaged; this track will definitely gas you out!


Congratulations, you're done! You have made it through 45 minutes of burn and sweat. That tank should be empty, those endorphins surging, and you can't help but smile! Lets cheers to that and cool those bods down! Lowering the heart rate, catching that breath and feeling fantastic!  


High BPMs demand those legs to go fast! Standing at high speeds, holding an isolation! This with burn those lungs and those legs equally!


Loop resistance bands that target isometric training! And yes, you’re doing it on the bike so get ready!

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